Your Wedding

You can make choices that will create a wedding that is a unique expression of your love and your relationship:

  • Meet with me several times before the rehearsal (can be done by phone if distance is an issue)
  • Review the traditions that are right for you, and those that just don’t fit
  • Consider a variety of vows (you can check wedding resources online or in books)
  • Find appropriate readings and music
  • Do either/both of you have children? Do you want to include them in the wedding? I have a variety of ideas.
  • Are your parents divorced? I have suggestions to help them be more comfortable.

Wedding Vows

The vows are the center of our wedding. Your wedding party, family, and friends are gathered to witness your commitment to one another. How do you want to create special vows for the two of you?

Kinds of Vows:

  • Traditional Vows
  • Write Your Own
  • Find vows in a book
  • Find special vows on the Internet
  • Choose unique ring vows

Other special ceremonies:

  • Unity Candles
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Exchange of Coins
  • Step on Goblet


You invited your family and friends to share your special day. They want to be more than observers. You can consider a variety of ways to include them in your Celebration.

  • A blessing from all parents
  • Special family traditions
  • Unique cultural traditions
  • Invite a family member or friend to share a special reading or prayer
  • Are there language issues? Do you want someone to translate a portion of the service?
  • Are there family members not present? Do you want to acknowledge them?
  • Would you like to include your guests by affirming their joy in your union?

Children in Your Wedding?

  • Flower Girls
  • Ring Bearers
  • Children from a previous marriage
  • Your children together

Children create a family-friendly atmosphere and allow the couple to include their own children or favorite nieces or nephews. If you have your own children they can be included in the wedding ceremony by asking them for a simple affirmation. The stepparent can offer a token. A bracelet, a locket or watch can help the child feel special. Note, too, that children can bring a wonderful element of “surprise” to a wedding ceremony! If they are included the couple must be accepting of their special needs and behaviors.